Patio canopies

Create your own exceptional, all-weather space outdoors.

Patio canopies

Get closer to nature with heroal patio canopies made of aluminium

There’s no place like outside – with the right protection: an aluminium patio canopy by heroal turns your patio into an all-weather open-air living-room, where wind and rain can do you no harm. Furthermore, the integrated sun screens offer optimal protection against heat, glaring light and prying eyes. Thanks to the wide range of design options, you can adapt both the colour and the size of your roof to match the look of your house and your patio. Combine your patio canopy with a moving glass wall system, fixed glazed panels or shading systems, like horizontal or vertical blinds. You can easily add these accessories when needed, since heroal’s components are also suited for a retrofit at a later date. The especially harmonious design is yet another outstanding feature – all accessory systems for the patio canopy are perfectly matched. Patio canopies by heroal are exclusively manufactured in Germany and offer first-class quality ”Made in Germany”.

What makes heroal patio canopies so special


Wide span widths of more than 7 m can be created without an additional centre column. That way, heroal patio canopies provide unlimited panoramic views.


Create your own patio canopy in a modern, cubic style with the help of our competent specialist partners – design made easy and to your preferences. An individual look is ensured by a wide range of additional accessory elements.


Aluminium offers highest functionality when it comes to stability, durability and resistance to corrosion. heroal uses up to 85 % recycled aluminium and takes care of an ecologically sustainable, closed cycle of reusable materials.

Why you should cover your patio – The advantages of a patio canopy

More than just a roof: heroal’s patio canopy made of aluminium offers numerous advantages and opportunities to more extensively use your garden more extensively all year round, thereby extending your living space.

365 days
Use your patio in every season

A patio canopy extends your living space and enables you to use your patio all-season. Enjoy the first rays of the sun in spring, sheltered from the wind. Do not let thunderstorms and squalls finish your barbecue prematurely in the summer. Enjoy the last few warm days in autumn and also keep your garden furniture on the patio in winter, your patio canopy protects them against all kinds of weather.

Protection against the weather
Brave the wind and the rain

The most important advantage of patio canopies is the protection they offer against the weather. Covered by a patio canopy, you can use your patio regardless of the weather – in rain, wind or sunshine. Equipped with the right accessory components, a covered patio turns into a second living-room outdoors. Moving glass walls or fixed glazed panels provide for optimal protection against wind and rain. That way, sudden changes in the weather can no longer surprise you when you are having a garden party.

Protection against prying eyes
Enjoy your privacy

Vertical sun blinds do not just protect you against direct sun radiation, they also keep prying eyes away from your patio. Enjoy the privacy of your garden without being disturbed – just at the touch of a button.

Protection against heat
Control the temperature

Blinds to protect against direct sun radiation can be installed above the glass roof. The blind prevents the heat accumulating under the patio canopy when direct sunlight is strong and creates a pleasant climate in your room. In the summer, your children can be well-protected as they play outside all day long.

Planning a patio canopy – What do I have to consider?

The purchase of a patio canopy improves your quality of life. To be able to enjoy the benefits of your patio canopy as long as possible, it should be well-planned. When you have first ideas as to what you want, please feel free to contact a heroal specialist partner without obligation, and get professional advice tailored to your needs. Please find below an overview of the most important aspects of planning a patio canopy.

  • 1. Material

    1. Material

    The choice of the right material has a great impact on the durability and maintenance requirements of your patio canopy. A roof made of aluminium is especially durable, sturdy, easy care and low-maintenance. In addition, heroal aluminium patio canopies are available in the wide range of RAL chart and Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, as well as in true to detail wooden, rust or concrete looks.

  • 2. Orientation

    2. Orientation

    The orientation of the patio canopy depends on how you would like to use your patio. If you want to install a roof over an existing patio, the orientation is generally pre-determined. With a new-built, the choice is up to you:

    North facing: patio canopies get little sunlight or no sunlight at all; therefore, the space often remains relatively cool.

    East facing: you can enjoy early morning sunlight and shade around lunchtime.

    South facing: you can enjoy the sunlight almost the whole day.

    West facing: patio canopies get the most sunlight in the afternoon and evening.

  • 3. Size

    3. Size

    For retrofits, the size of your patio canopy often depends on the floor space of your patio. In case of new-builts, you have a free choice. With patio canopies by heroal you can create span widths of up to 7 m without any additional central joint, providing for the highest transparency possible.

  • 4. Snow load

    4. Snow load

    It is highly recommended to determine the required snow load in advance. Many regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may experience heavy and unexpected snow falls in winter. Therefore, the statics of the patio canopy has to comply with the relevant snow load requirements of the area concerned.

  • 5. Building licence

    5. Building licence

    In some countries, a building licence or planning permission is required for patio canopies as well. Please be informed whether a licence is required for your patio canopy before you start construction.

  • 6. Illumination

    6. Illumination

    Would you like to use your patio canopy in the evening as well? This is very easy with an integrated illumination. If you have already incorporated this choice when you install your patio canopy, the installation of lights, at a later date, becomes very easy and uncomplicated.

  • 7. Drainage

    7. Drainage

    Please remember to considerate the drainage of your patio canopy in the planning phase. Depending on the roof pitch, it may be that the water cannot run off fast enough during heavy rain.

    heroal patio canopy systems have an integrated drainage system.

  • 8. Foundation

    8. Foundation

    Patio canopies require safe and strong foundations, in order to provide sufficient stability and remain steady even in adverse weather conditions. Depending on the type of patio, a foundation mat, a strip foundation or a deep foundation may be required for the patio canopy. The foundation should always meet individual requirements which depend on the prevailing snow load, wind load, floor conditions and other factors.

  • 9. Insurance

    9. Insurance

    You are not obliged to take out insurance for your patio canopy. However, you may want to explore this option, if you are located in areas subject to a higher risk of bad weather. Get in touch with your insurance agency first to find out whether a patio canopy is already included in your residential building insurance or can be covered by it. Please also consider checking the availability of insurance against natural hazards and glass breakage.

What is the right patio canopy for me?

First-class materials, sophisticated technical solutions and a wide range of design options are unique features characterising aluminium patio canopy made by heroal. With patio canopy systems by heroal, you can add additional valuable living space and enjoy your patio year-round, regardless of the weather. heroal offers you the ideal roof for every requirement – e.g. individual designs for special architectural demands, such as L-shaped patio roofs, or roofs with versatile accessories. Find the perfect patio canopy now, meeting your individual needs.

Patio canopy options – Configuring patio canopies

Configure your patio canopy the way you want. heroal patio canopies are tailor-made to meet your individual demands; their functions can be further extended by adding fixed glazed panels, moving glass walls, blinds as well as vertical protections against sun and prying eyes.

Patio canopy with blind

In spring we are happy about the first rays of sunlight, but in summer, especially at noon when the sun is highest in the sky, we long for shady spot. With an integrated blind, you can individually control how much sun you would like to have on your patio – at the touch of a button. In addition, an integrated blind saves you from a heat accumulation under the patio canopy. This sun protection can also be easily installed at a later date.

heroal HS

The horizontal blind heroal HS (horizontal screen) is mounted above the glass of your patio canopy, harmoniously matching the design of your patio canopy. Thanks to the innovative zip-technology, the textile is held firmly in its guide rails, withstanding even high wind speeds. You can choose from a wide range of versatile fabric designs, which can be perfectly adapted to the look of your home, in addition to other accessory systems.

Horizontal blind >
Patio canopy with vertical blind

A vertical blind offers protection against direct sunlight – especially, when the sun is low. You can lower the vertical blind at the touch of a button when more protection is needed. The vertical blind also protects you from prying eyes, enabling you to enjoy undisturbed privacy.

heroal VS Z OR

The textile sun protection heroal VS Z OR (vertical screen outdoor roof) is firmly held in its guide rail due to the innovative zip-technology, and therefore also withstands higher wind speeds. Thanks to a wide variety of available fabric designs and mesh qualities, the horizontal blind can be perfectly coordinated with your patio canopy and vertical blind in order to create a harmonious look for your house. The zip-guided vertical blind is installed in the patio canopy and fully integrates.

Vertical blind >
Patio canopy with fixed glazed panels

Fixed glazed panels are especially suited for locations where a higher protection against wind and rain is very important. Side elements with a fixed glazing optimally protect against driving rain and squalls. They can be integrated on one or both sides of your patio canopy as well as at the front. It is also possible to install them at a later date. That way, you can enjoy fresh air and your garden – from a sheltered place.

heroal W 50 C

The non-insulated window system heroal W 50 C is ideally suited to be used for your patio canopy as elements with fixed glazing. It can be flush-mounted and offers narrow face widths. Just as the patio canopy system heroal OR, the elements with fixed glazing of the heroal W 50 C range can be supplied with the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating, available in a number of RAL chart and Le Corbusier colours. Other surface looks, e.g. wood, concrete or rust, are also possible thanks to the coating technology heroal SD (Surface Design). You can optimally adapt these elements to your patio canopy – also at a later date.

Patio canopy with moving glass wall

A moving glass wall, also referred to as glass sliding door, creates greatest flexibility. Just as an element with fixed glazing, the moving glass wall can be installed on one or both sides of your patio canopy. You can also close all open sides of your patio canopy completely by moving glass walls. In next to no time, your patio turns into a summer garden, well-protected all-around. With falling temperatures in the evening hours, you can keep the warmth of the day under your patio canopy by closing the glass elements. There is no need to go back into the house immediately when it gets cooler outside.

heroal S 20 C

The non-insulated moving glass wall heroal S 20 C is especially durable and perfectly suited for extending covered areas outside. Slide dampers ensure that the sliding sashes open and close safely and comfortably, being automatically drawn into their final position. The 3-, 4- or 5-track glass sliding door may be opened to one or both sides, the sashes may optionally be moved to only one side or can be designed as a French door variant. The barrier-free threshold guarantees maximum ease of use.

Patio canopies made from aluminium or wood? – True to detail surface looks with heroal SD

Aluminium or wood? When planning a patio canopy, the choice of the most suitable material also plays an important role. Patio canopies made of aluminium have an especially long lifecycle and stand out for their low maintenance, easy care, weather-resistance and high stability, paired with a low weight. In addition, an aluminium patio canopy offers a wide range of options to perfectly match the looks of your house. heroal products are available in a wide range of RAL chart colours as well as in true to detail surface looks. The surface technology heroal SD (Surface Design) provides for patio canopies in wood, concrete and rust looks. That way, you can create a patio canopy that looks like if it was made of wood and at the same time offers all advantages of an aluminium roof.

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Fields of application for patio canopies

Customised patio canopies by heroal are suited for versatile fields of application. They are not only suited for private residential buildings, aluminium patio canopies also offer numerous advantages for non-residential uses, e.g. hotels and restaurants.

Patio canopies for restaurants and hotels

As soon as the days grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, life takes place outdoors – also in cafés and restaurants. That means outside seating areas are an important factor of success. Patio canopies by heroal are ideally suited to be used for hotels and restaurants. Even extreme widths of 7 m can be created without a centre column or steel reinforcement. The patio canopy provides for unobstructed panoramic views and maximum use of space for restaurants, patios, lounges, bars, beer gardens or event locations. Providing your outside seating area with a roof creates all-weather space and extends your outdoor season. Versatile accessory components do not only protect the patio canopy against wind and rain, they also provide effective protection from direct sun radiation and heat.

Patio canopies for private use

Patio canopies become more and more popular, especially for private use. Being able to use your patio and garden year-round, regardless of the weather, improves your quality of life and also extends your living-room. A number of accessory options, like sun protection or movable glass walls and fixed glazed panels, enable you to continuously extend the uses of your patio canopy and create benefits for your home.

Patio canopy including installation

Would you like to cover your patio and look for the perfect solution? When purchasing a customised heroal patio canopy, you can rely on our specialist partners. They help you with your plans and will be glad to answer all your questions about the design and set-up of your patio canopy. Of course, our fabricators see to the fast and uncomplicated installation of your aluminium patio canopy – so that you can enjoy your roof a long time.

Use our specialist partner search now in order to find the best heroal fabricator near you and put your plans to action.

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Product features of heroal patio canopies

heroal patio canopies stand out for their premium look, stability and durablity. We would be happy to advise you on the designs options and functional possibilities for your patio or balcony canopy. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure patio canopies

  • protection against wind and weather
  • individualised design possibilities
  • can be expanded later on
  • weather- and colour-resistant
  • robust and easy to clean

Surfaces and variety of colours

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